napowrimo day 8: repetition

Today’s poem is also prompted by, to create a repetitive phrase. I went pretty basic with this one and it’s definitely a sub par, but I wanted this to be an exercise more than a completed poem that’s gone through several drafts. I think there are some stronger lines in there.


I had to let him go, again.
I lay on my back, again.
I cried in my bed, again.
I loosened up my joints, again.

I surfaced above the shoreline, again.
I removed all signs of remorse, again.
I stiffed my friend, again.
I linked up with your roommate, again.

I made a salty pie, again.
I went vegan, again.
I ate chicken, again.
I shat bricks, again.

I wasn’t going steady, again.
I lost my direction, again.
I agonized over and over, again.
I cried in my bed, again.

I made a blanket, again.
I recycled a straw, again.
I reused a cereal box, again.
I repurposed a piece of cloth, again.

I forgot to tell you, again.
I remembered your name, again.
I saw what you saw, again.
Then I forgot it all, again.


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