forget your rosary

fortuitous poem: prompt from, day seven. Notes below poem that show the process.

Forget your rosary. You left
it a long time ago on the
number 15 bus, along with
the first denim jacket
you’ve ever owned. But
think of it as everything
you’ve lost, someone else
will gain; like the black
umbrella you found just
as you lost your own.
You want your own
histories, your own
interpretations (but
without grey areas,
confusion. Obscurity.)
This is okay; this is
to be expected.





1. List 1 – 3 random objects. (Smaller tends to be better.)
2. List 1 – 3 random but specific locations. (Think in the cookie jar, or under my seat…)
3. List 1 – 2 objects you’ve lost and a few notes on their back-story.
4. List 1- 2 objects you’ve found and few notes on their back-story.


tennis ball, rosary, pencil

Alberta Park, number 15 bus, Northwest library

a book bought at wordstock that I lent to a friend
a denim jacket i owned in third grade that i lost on the bus by accident

some pictures of people in a library book–gave it to my friend because it creeped me out a bit to keep them
a black umbrella–i also lost my black umbrella so it’s kind of like karma


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