Napowrimo day 2

Prompt from, write a recipe: loosely followed that prompt for day 2 of napowrimo. (it’s ok if this “recipe” makes no sense: it’s a writing exercise.)

If you’re going to make something
out of nothing then you have to
be prepared to have several
teaspoons of endurance, or
what they call patience to
deal with all the overflow,
the spilling over. Make sure
your measurements are exact.
Don’t substitute the rye, that’s
very important. Add a dash
of wheat flour and you’ll get
that where you need it to go.
Where you need to go. While
waiting for the water to boil
(which it never will if you
continue to watch it–this is where
patience comes in handy,
where you must make
the most out of what you
have), whisk together the
remaining ingredients in a
smaller vessel. You won’t want
to over-do it, because then it can
become too tough and too brittle.
Make sure you don’t under-
estimate completion time. Make
sure you know what you’ve gotten
yourself into.


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