I could have lingered longer

Sometimes I communicate in wordless form.
Before everything was firmed down things
only existed as a worldless storm. Certain
words can’t be understood when they’re
written down. I’ve been informed
this is absurd. The world was only
formed by a word. /// If I believed in
a creation story, this is what I
would believe. /// I would say that
the stars and lichens moved
first — gasping for breath in
a excited way, pushing past each other
for a laugh, towards some
preset destination yet unseen —
and of course last comes
emotions, heavyweights, and
the idea of change. /// I could have
lingered longer, lasted in paradise
with more hardiness although
curiously not more determination.
Heartiness was lost to me, love.
Petunias line the lackluster bridge
of stone breaking up the city
into itself.


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