It became clear presently

It became clear, presently,
that change was near. It was
not enough to be in a fight.
It was more like a slow
irritation, an ample ooze
of discomfort. Not quite anger,
not quite disdain — probably
more like provoked into something
about two steps away from hatred.
That was the warning. And then,
peace — but uncertain peace,
a clamoring, hidden in the walls,
aching, nagging at the myelin
around the nerves. An uncertain
peace is not really peace but
a parlay, a ceasefire. Would it
have been better to let things implode?
To have followed through on
the sparks of electric activity?
I do not know, but I must assume
that with time some of it will
become clear, and some of it
will just happen whatever way it does.


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