I know that it was hard to

I know that the sun rises in the morning
and sets in the west. I know that
Western thought has led to a lot of bloodshed.
I know that usually the sky is blue or bluish grey
and that nothing is forever.
I know that we feel warm under the covers
because it traps our body heat instead
of letting it escape. In this way our
bodies are like machines
that let off heat energy as a side effect
of the other functions going on inside.

I know that you are not boring,
and that writing has been around for
a long time. So has sex, and singing,
and betrayal. I know it’s probably
not possible to totally abolish
the things people do on the flip
side of the coin of good and evil.
I know that sad songs make me
content if it’s at the right time. I know
you might not care about any of this.
I know you wanted to get away. I know
it was hard to — I know that our eardrums
can be broken, but can be healed.

(prompt from http://www.napowrimo.net)


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